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  • Helen, UK

    I had two four hour lessons with Aleja and learnt so much! She was very patient, explained things very clearly and gave me much more confidence with conversational Spanish. The worksheets she gave me really helped me to practice the things we had been through in the lessons. If I had been in Santa Marta […]

  • Liv-Kristin Korssjøen (Norway)

    I spent two weeks with Elsa and Aleja, taking Spanish classes at intermediate level. We spent three hours together daily, and during this time we split our time between grammar explanations and exercises (tiempos pasados, subjuntivo, condicional, etc.), reading articles on various topics, and discussing everything from everyday challenges that you encounter in a new […]

  • Kim, USA

    I have tried many methods to learn Spanish, books, schools and the internet during the past 10 – 15 years, with limited success. However, in just one month, Elsa has managed to organize my collection of previous studies into lessons that are perfectly clear and understandable for me. Her one-on-one classes are flexible yet super […]

  • Rick Flach, USA

    I just returned from Santa Marta where I spent the last month working with Elsa for 4 hours per day on my Spanish. I can tell you that Elsa is a great teacher and a fantastic person. I can’t imagine a better overall experience. I worked with Elsa last year as well and returned to […]

  • Nancy, Switzerland.

    After a bad experience with Spanish lessons in Cuba I wanted to give it another try in Colombia. I found the website of Neotropical and send them an email on the 1st of January. They replied really quickly even though it was the first day of the year. The first week I had 4×4 hour […]

  • Annika Germany

    I had the most amazing 4 weeks learning Spanish with Elsa! She was very patient, always answering my questions and always giving me the chance to repeat grammar if it was unclear. I really liked her teaching method with focusing on speaking a lot and repeating the most important gramatical rules. I felt very comfortable, […]

  • Roos Bakker Netherlands

    I had almost 2 weeks of classes with Elsa. She is very patient and helped me to understand the basics of Spanish. I am now since a few weeks on the road and very happy with the lessons I’ve had! I am more comfortable while traveling and very keen to continue with Spanish. If have […]

  • Jose USA

    Anybody wanting to learn, polish up or get a clearer understanding of the “subjuntivo” form of Spanish I highly recommend these ladies.! I spent 6 months with them and at the end of my time it was tough to say goodbye as we all became good friends over the time. Even if your just passing […]

  • Dorina Germany

    As I needed someone to organize the chaos of Spanish grammar and vocabularies in my head, I started searching in the Internet for a teacher and found those two awesome ladies. Elsa taught me at her wonderful lovely garden terrace with a view towards the ocean and gave me amazing coffee with fresh fruits every […]

  • Alkistis, Greece

    back in September as I was starting my trip to South America, I decided to take Spanish classes while in Santa Marta. the place is perfect to have classes as there is not that much to do during the day so you can focus on studying.I had classes with Aleja for 5 days and 4 […]