Liv-Kristin Korssjøen (Norway)

I spent two weeks with Elsa and Aleja, taking Spanish classes at intermediate level. We spent three hours together daily, and during this time we split our time between grammar explanations and exercises (tiempos pasados, subjuntivo, condicional, etc.), reading articles on various topics, and discussing everything from everyday challenges that you encounter in a new country to political reform in Colombia. Both Elsa and Aleja taught me so much, not only about the Spanish language, but also about Colombian culture and society. The teachers were also very helpful when it came to recommendations about what to do and see in the region, and were eager to help me plan my travels. Every day they offered me freshly brewed coffee and fresh fruit to keep my blood sugar up in the hot weather, and they easily adopted the pace and content of the classes to my needs. Every day I got homework to finish up for the next day, but could easily decide for myself how much I had time and energy for. I can only give this language school my very best recommendations. Hope to see you again!

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