Alkistis, Greece

back in September as I was starting my trip to South America, I decided to take Spanish classes while in Santa Marta. the place is perfect to have classes as there is not that much to do during the day so you can focus on studying.
I had classes with Aleja for 5 days and 4 hrs per day. Aleja’s approach was great, she adopted the teaching to my needs and we covered key vocabulary and grammar required for travelling. I did not speak any Spanish when I started but by the end of the week I felt quite confident to have small talk with people. we used cards for both vocabulary and grammar that I still use as a reference. And the house has a fan and you will be offered water and coffee (if you need to cool down or wake up 

 I would highly recommend Aleja if you want to learn some Spanish. I wish I could have stayed for a week longer, I would be fluent !! 

 thank you Aleja!!


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