Apartments for rent in Santa Marta

Apartment Tropical


Apartment Tropical

40m2 in a colonial building with 1 bedroom, fully equipped kitchen, jacuzzi in patio,bathroom and a small living area.

Included in the price: electricity, gas, water, cable TV, fans and WiFi internet.

For an extra fee you’ll have AC (aircondition) as well if you choose. The AC is turned on at 8 PM and switched off at 8 AM. If you use the AC a whole month, you pay 115 USD, for single nights or shorter periods you pay 5 USD per night (8 PM – 8 AM).

If you want to use AC during 24 hours the fee is 230 USD per month or 10 USD per night.


Low season:

(Hole year except December, January, Easter week )

Per week: 195 USD

Per month: 420 USD

High Season

(High season: December, January, Easter week)

Per week: 395 USD

Per month: 795 USD

Apartment Colonial:

Apartment Colonial: 30 m2 with 2 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and with WiFi and Cable TV.

For an extra fee you’ll have AC (aircondition) as well if you choose. The AC is turned on at 8 PM and switched off at 8 AM. If you use the AC a whole month, you pay 115 USD, for single nights or shorter periods you pay 5 USD per night (8 PM – 8 AM). If you want to use AC during 24 hours the fee is 230 USD per month or 10 USD per night.

Low season:

(Hole year except December, January, Easter week )

Per week: 195 USD

Per month: 420 USD

High Season

(High season: December, January, Easter week)

Per week: 395 USD

Per month: 795 USD




You find the 2 apartments in the historical center of Santa Marta( apartments are 2,5 blocks from the beach in the Bay of Santa Marta and around 1 block from restaurants, supermarkets and entertainment (Parque de los Novios:( We are also about 2 blocks from the International Marina ( For more information about Santa Marta:

The historic center of Santa Marta is generally as safe as any big city in the
Americas. However after dark we recommend you to avoid very dark and lonely
places. If it looks unsafe it probably is. Don’t carry more valuables than
necessary and even more important; don’t show people your valuables (jewelry,
money or expensive electronics etc).

Further information and rules that you can expect during your stay.

Booking Confirmation

The only way to secure the booking of an apartment is to pay a pre-reservation. The
minimum is 100 USD or 50% of the final payment. When we receive your payment we
will confirm your reservation by e-mail, including all necessary other

Bank Transfer

Before the transfer of the payment, please send an email with the request for a pre-reservation.When we receive your email we will send you detailed information of the
pre-reservation with bank details.

 Arrival at the apartment

The keys are handed over by the person in charge of the arrival. So we appreciate if you
tell us your estimated time of arrival and any changes in order to provide the
best possible service for your arrival. If arrival is scheduled after 22:00,
please check with us when you make your reservation, if possible.

 When do I pay the rent?

The total rent is paid on arrival. You will get keys when the payment and registration (with
passport or cedula) is done.


In case of cancellation we do not return the money paid in advance for the apartment.
However if you cancel at least two weeks in advance any deposit will be
refunded with a deduction of administrative costs.

Check-in Time

Check-in is from 15:00 to 20:00. We can’t guarantee an earlier Check-in if there is a
check-out expected the same day and time is required for cleaning.

Number of persons

The apartment must be occupied only by the number of persons confirmed in the
booking confirmation. It’s not permitted to receive visitors after 22.00 without
permission of the owner.

Services included

The general policy is that the apartment rental means complete independence. No
hotel services are offered. The apartment is equipped with sheets and towels
for the number of people confirmed in the booking confirmation. For laundry
there are several  laundry services in the nearby. Only
the final cleaning and laundery is included in the rental of an apartment.

Other services included are:

• Internet

• CableTV


• Water

• Gas (apartment Tropical)

Water and electricity consumption

In general water and electricity are included (except AC that is available for an extra fee). But excessive consumption implies an extra cost. We kindly ask you to consider the environmental effect of using
unnecessary energy and water (approximately 30 % of all electricity is produced
with carbon in Colombia and we don’t need more Global Heating). As an excessive
consumption is considered for example:

1. Not turning off fans, light and water when leaving the apartment

2. Change the water in the Jacuzzi more than 2 times per week (apartment 1).

Garbage Disposal

The garbage truck passes daily from 7 PM. Please place garbage bags next to the
door on the sidewalk. And please put the bags neither too early nor too late,
dogs have a tendency of spreading the garbage in every possible direction.

Hours of rest

We ask you to respect your neighbors. This means that the loud music, parties or any other
loud noise are prohibited. Please respect the hours of silence between 22:00 PM
to 08:00 AM.

Illicit drugs

The use or possession of illegal drugs is prohibited throughout the house. Violation of
this rule will result in immediate eviction from the apartment without any

Changing the day of departure

In case you want to leave the apartment before the departure date confirmed in your
reservation, there will be no refund of total payment.

Unforeseen changes

In case you want to leave the apartment because of unforeseen extraordinary changes of
housing conditions outside our control we try to find a solution. If we can’t
reach an agreement, we will offer a partial cancellation of the booking and
refund the remaining amount of the stay. The refund is based on the price list
published on this homepage.


A  problem sometimes in Santa Marta can be noise during holidays, usually at night during Fridays, Saturdays, national, local or family festivities. This kind of noise
is considered a part of local culture in the historic center of Santa Marta.
Another common problem is that the electricity or internet is off for,
normally, short periods (usually less than an hour). The above mentioned situations do
not constitute a reason for refunds in case of cancellation.

Check Out

Check Out is at 12:00. If you want to leave later, please inform us in advance. If we
can’t let you extend your stay for the reason of other reservations you can
leave your luggage in the storage at your own risk. Please inform us what time
you plan to leave for the handover of keys.


Please be careful with your keys. If keys are lost it means that we have to change door
locks for the safety of coming tenants. Lost keys therefore imply a 100 USD

Before leaving the apartment

Final cleaning is included in the rent of the apartment. However please leave the
apartment in the condition you found it when you arrived.