About us

Our classes and apartments:

We are giving classes focused on quality.  We also have connections in downtown Santa Marta and El Rodadero where we can arrange long term renting of 2 apartments in downtown and a Penthouse apart studio overlooking the Caribbean ocean http://www.santamartacity.com/en/sectors/rodadero/INFORMATION.html .
We have been in Santa Marta since 2008. You find us in the historical center of Santa Marta http://www.santamartacity.com/en/sectors/santa-marta/historic-downtown.html 2,5 blocks from the beach in the Bay of Santa Marta and around 1 block from restaurants, supermarkets and entertainment http://www.santamartacity.com/en/couples-park.html?format=html. We are also about 2 blocks from the International Marina http://www.santamartacity.com/en/sectors/santa-marta/marina-santa-marta.html For more information about Santa Marta: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Marta


Our main teacher is:


Elsa Valencia have an academic training in Spanish as a second language, management and a background as a chief secretary before she began teaching Spanish.

See video: http://youtu.be/CNYuYuSWpKI